Strategic Alliance Formed

NOREC Automation Hy-Tech Controls

The management teams of Hy-Tech Controls, Inc. and NOREC Automation are pleased to announce the formation of a strategic alliance to provide our customers with turnkey implementation of control system solutions.

Hy-Tech Controls, Inc., located in Oakwood Village, Ohio, has provided high quality Electro-Mechanical control solutions to their customers for more than 25 years.   NOREC Automation, located in Solon, Ohio, offers substantial experience covering all aspects of project management, engineering, design and field support for a wide variety of industrial and utility automation solutions.

As the result of the strategic alliance, Hy-Tech Controls will provide AutoCad® based hardware design and control panel fabrication, assembly and wiring services in support of NOREC Automation projects and NOREC Automation will provide PLC application design, programming, testing and startup services in support of Hy-Tech Controls projects.  Both companies will team to provide customers with installation services when required.

“Through the formation of this alliance, each company can now offer an expanded portfolio of services to its respective customers, while maintaining a clear focus on providing and continuing to expand expertise in the specific services for which they are known by their customers to be quality providers” says Phil Resler, Director of Business Operations for NOREC Automation.  â€œWe are excited about the prospects for the future of both companies.  Our customers should benefit by the fact that the management teams of both companies share the same high standards for conducting business and a long history of providing the highest quality solutions and services to our customers” says Jerry Lutkus, C.E.O of HY-Tech Controls.

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