Power & Combustion Solutions


  • Balance of Plant

    Balance of Plant refers to the ancillary power plant components or systems not included in the turbine or boiler systems. NOREC Automation can provide Balance of Plant functions in a stand-alone system or integrated with your combustion control system.

  • Burner Management & Flame Safety

    Burner Management & Flame Safety Systems help prevent conditions from occurring in your boiler or other combustion process equipment which could lead to an uncontrolled fire or explosion. NOREC Automation engineers have implemented hundreds of burner management and flame safety systems on a wide range of utility and industrial boilers and industrial combustion process equipment including ovens, furnaces, kilns, dryers, process heaters and incinerators.

  • Chiller Control

    NOREC Automation can help you reduce energy consumption through our Chiller Control Solutions. Our solutions involve coordination of chiller, cooling tower, compressor and pump operation to optimize overall performance.

  • Combustion Control

    NOREC Automation has extensive experience in combustion control applications, covering many different types of utility and industrial boilers, as well as industrial combustion process equipment including ovens, furnaces, kilns, dryers, heaters and incinerators. The experience of our team spans hundreds of projects in the combustion control field, allowing us to bring to bear a unique combination of application knowledge and control system expertise to assure the successful implementation of your combustion control requirements.

  • Combustion Efficiency Calculations

    Combustion efficiency calculations can provide substantial cost savings by determining what operating methods result in reduced fuel consumption. On-line combustion efficiency calculations provide the most benefit as they account for changes in demand, ambient conditions, fuel heating value and burner efficiency.

  • Data Acquisition

    NOREC Automation provides customized Data Acquisition solutions to gather, organize and present data from your process to support decision-making by your operations, maintenance and management teams.

  • Hydroelectric Station Control

    NOREC Automation provides control & monitoring solutions which help Hydroelectric Generating Stations reduce manpower requirements and improve maintainability.

  • Landfill Gas-to-Energy Systems

    Our Landfill Gas-to-Energy System monitoring & control solutions tie the various process subsystems together to enable centralized local and remote monitoring of the entire landfill gas process, as well as providing local soft control capability from a single human machine interface (HMI).

  • Material Handling

    We provide Material Handling control solutions for bulk material handling applications. Our Coal Handling solutions for coal-fired power plants provides manual and automatic control of conveyors, crushers, feeders, trippers and other related equipment.

  • Recipe Management

    NOREC Automation's Recipe Management solutions allow our customers to quickly and easily create or modify recipes for a variety of applications including bakery ovens, heat treating furnaces, kilns, demineralizers, sootblowers and a host of other processes involving multiple steps and parameters and the production of multiple products.

  • Scrubber Control

    NOREC Automation can provide Scrubber Control solutions as a stand-alone system or integrated with a Combustion Control solution.

  • Sootblower Control

    NOREC Automation can provide Sootblower Controls for steam/air sootblowers or water jet sootblowers as a stand-alone system or integrated with a Combustion Control solution. Our Sootblower Control systems offer a broad range of functionality to start/stop and sequence sootblowers while providing extensive online alarming, monitoring and data logging via an HMI.

  • Water Treatment

    Water treatment systems are an essential part of many industrial processes. Water treatment system failures can be detrimental to your bottom line, forcing you to rent expensive temporary equipment or worse, shutting down your entire process. NOREC Automation will work with your engineering, maintenance and operations personnel to develop a system that is user friendly, easy to maintain, and simple to re-configure.

Customer Testimonial

"I would like to commend NOREC Automation for the outstanding quality of the project work your company has performed for Oklahoma Gas & Electric.  Your responsiveness to our needs and ability to produce the highest quality work under often stressful conditions and long hours is a skill set and customer-focused attitude difficult to find."

Project Engineer
OGE Energy Corporation

Power & Combustion Solutions