Landfill Gas-to-Energy Systems

Our landfill gas-to-energy system monitoring & control solutions tie the various process subsystems together to enable centralized local and remote monitoring of the entire landfill gas process, as well as local soft control from a single human machine interface (HMI).  Typically, each landfill gas-to-energy subsystem (e.g., LFG turbine, gas compressor skid, LFG engine generators, etc.) is provided with its own control & HMI package by various subsystem OEMs.  We tie these disparate control packages together to provide you with a single window to the overall process for local supervisory control, monitoring, alarming and data collection for operational analysis and EPA reporting.  Via an Ethernet address, data can also be viewed and analyzed on a remotely-located management computer, central station DCS / PLC system display, or other HMI platform.

Landfill Gas-to-Energy process subsystems encompassed by our solutions include:

landfill gas

  • LFG Turbine Generators
  • Fuel Skid
  • Gas Compressor Skid
  • LFG Engine Generators
  • Carbon Filter
  • Flare
  • Ventilation Fans
  • Fire & Gas Detection

Customer Testimonial

"I would like to commend NOREC Automation for the outstanding quality of the project work your company has performed for Oklahoma Gas & Electric.  Your responsiveness to our needs and ability to produce the highest quality work under often stressful conditions and long hours is a skill set and customer-focused attitude difficult to find."

Project Engineer
OGE Energy Corporation

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