Human Machine Interface Upgrades

Oftentimes, upgrading your Human Machine Interface (HMI) can increase the effectiveness of your operations and maintenance teams, resulting in increased process availability while helping you get back on line faster when unplanned downtime occurs.  NOREC Automation engineers have implemented HMI upgrades on a variety of utility, process and discrete manufacturing applications.

The function of an HMI is to collect raw data from remote sources and to convert the raw data into useful information presented in graphical displays, tables, trends, and reports. The engineers at NOREC Automation design HMI’s which are intuitive for your operations and maintenance staff, and which provide useful information for management analysis. This approach can help you drive improved quality, throughput and process availability. Some of the various types of displays common in an HMI package include:

  • Display of Real-Time Process Information on P&ID style graphical displays
  • Historical Data Collection, Storage, and Retrieval
  • Alarm Detection and Annunciation
  • Secure Environment Preventing Unauthorized Access to selected control functions
  • Process Tuning Displays
  • Customized Trends
  • Engineering Maintenance screens


NOREC Automation has experience in using various HMI software/hardware platforms and will customize a solution to meet the specific needs of your operations, maintenance and management users. Some of the platforms we have implemented include:

  • ABB Conductor NT™
  • ABB PPA™
  • Allen-Bradley PanelViewPlus™, PanelView™, PanelView™ 'e'   
  • Allen-Bradley PanelView™ 'e' 
  • Allen-Bradley PanelViewPlus™
  • Rockwell Software RSView®, RSView®32™, RSView®ME™, RSView®SE™
  • Rockwell Software FactoryTalkView SE™ and ME™
  • Rockwell Software FactoryTalkView Server™
  • Siemens WinCC SCADA
  • Siemens Multi-Panel and Comfort Panels 
  • Wonderware® Intouch

Customer Testimonial

"The folks at NOREC Automation have an outstanding track record of delivering systems on-time, on-budget and with the right blend of technology and functionality to meet customers' demanding business needs.  I highly recommend NOREC Automation to those customers who seek excellent value for their automation investment."

Richard L. Eshleman, President
Solon, Ohio

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