Combustion Efficiency Calculations

combustion efficiency calculations

Combustion efficiency calculations can provide substantial cost savings by determining what operating methods result in reduced fuel consumption.  Determination of control settings is sometimes accomplished through steady-state calculations of combustion process efficiency using average daily or weekly fuel heating and fuel/air values.  However, this approach frequently does not result in the most economical operation as it does not account for changes in ambient conditions, fuel heating value or long-term changes in burner efficiency.

On-line combustion efficiency calculations provide the most benefit as they can account for changes in demand, ambient conditions, fuel heating value and long term changes in burner efficiency.  Our approach for industrial boilers and combustion process equipment is based upon ASME/ANSI Power Test Code 4.1,  which uses a heat loss method considering the following sources of loss:

  • Unburned combustibles in the flue gas
  • Unburned carbon in the fuel
  • Sensible heat in dry flue gas
  • Sensible heat in the moisture in the air
  • Sensible heat in the water in the fuel
  • Latent heat in the water in the fuel
  • Miscellaneous losses including blowdown, radiation, outside air leakage, etc. 

Implementation of our on-line efficiency calculations can be accomplished in PLC or DCS platforms with information displayed via an HMI.  Field inputs required include flue gas temperature and percent oxygen in the flue gas.  Percent combustibles in the flue gas, entering air temperatures and relative humidity inputs are also employed if the appropriate field devices are available; where not available, appropriate constants can be assumed.


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