Combustion Control

NOREC Automation has extensive experience in combustion control applications, covering many different types of utility and industrial boilers, as well as industrial combustion process equipment including ovens, furnaces, kilns, dryers, heaters and incinerators.  The experience of our team spans hundreds of projects in the combustion control field, allowing us to bring to bear a unique combination of application knowledge and control system expertise to assure the successful implementation of your combustion control requirements.

Updating your combustion control system can provide a number of important benefits including:

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Increased System Availability
  • Lower Cost of Operations
  • Increased Troubleshooting Capability
  • Increased Process Awareness
  • Ease of System Expansion
  • Ease of Plantwide Integration

Our Unique approach to controlling the combustion process leads to decreased startup time, simplified maintenance, and less possibility for human error. Input scaling, alarm configuration, loop tuning and system characterization can all be done from the HMI, without the need for special software packages or specific knowledge of the processor code. Password security guards against unauthorized changes.

Some of the control strategies we have implemented include:

  • Plant Master
  • Boiler Master
  • Single-Point Positioning
  • Parallel Controlcombustion control
  • Metered Cross-Limited Control
  • Oxygen Trim
  • Carbon Monoxide Trim
  • Temperature Control
  • BTU Compensation
  • On/Off Drum Level Control
  • Two & Three Element Feedwater Control
  • Balanced Draft Control
  • Steam Temperature Control
  • Deaerator Level Control

For Utility units, we have also implemented:

  • Automatic Load Dispatching
  • Coordinated Front-End Mode
  • Turbine Following Mode
  • Boiler Following Mode

Whether you are in the primary phases of a major combustion control project, or simply need assistance in tuning an existing system, NOREC Automation can help!

Customer Testimonial

"I would like to commend NOREC Automation for the outstanding quality of the project work your company has performed for Oklahoma Gas & Electric.  Your responsiveness to our needs and ability to produce the highest quality work under often stressful conditions and long hours is a skill set and customer-focused attitude difficult to find."

Project Engineer
OGE Energy Corporation

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