Burner Management & Flame Safety

Burner Management & Flame Safety Systems help prevent conditions from occurring in your boiler or other combustion process equipment which could lead to an uncontrolled fire or explosion.  NOREC Automation engineers have implemented hundreds of burner management and flame safety systems on a wide range of utility and industrial boilers and industrial combustion process equipment including ovens, furnaces, kilns, dryers, process heaters and incinerators.

Our Burner Management System solutions help you:

  • Reduce hazards to personnelburner management & flame safety
  • Prevent damage to combustion process equipment
  • Reduce start-up time
  • Diagnose problems with your unit
  • Comply with code requirements



Customer Testimonial

"I would like to commend NOREC Automation for the outstanding quality of the project work your company has performed for Oklahoma Gas & Electric.  Your responsiveness to our needs and ability to produce the highest quality work under often stressful conditions and long hours is a skill set and customer-focused attitude difficult to find."

Project Engineer
OGE Energy Corporation

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